“Learn The Path To Wealth”

The Quest for Financial Freedom

This unique audio experience the like of which has never been recorded before examines the difference in thought patterns of 'those who do' and 'those who don't'.

Disc 1

  • Start small and grow rich
  • A trip to Hong Kong - visit Jim Wong
  • The facts and principals involved "the map"
  • The goals without which nothing happens
  • Recognising the steps all others have followed
  • How to plan your route before commitment
  • Secrets of success found by others

Disc 2

  • On the road, on target, going places
  • Mapping your own required journer
  • Failure is not possible when guided
  • From acorns - oak trees grow
  • Follow your yellow brick road
  • The magic advert
  • Online auctions

Disc 3

  • We learn a lot from examples
  • We learn far more by involvement
  • Play golf without ever holding a club
  • Magnets attract other magnets
  • The rich get richer and the poor get poorer - Why ?
  • The benefits of meeting other travellers
  • Destination, stops and rests along the route
  • See the world - your world

Disc 4

  • Use your learnt wealth of knowledge
  • Benefit others as you benefit yourself
  • Become your own tower of strength
  • Compete with yourself and win
  • Taste your own success
  • Follow the gold brick road (Your road - Welcome on Board - Knoll House Interforum)

All these points are covered in the 4 disc set. They are in the form of a conversation with Reginald Gee Snr and guest speaker Joe Stevens.

Reginald Gee Snr, the founder of KHIF is a Yorkshire man born and bred, thus saying the narrative does include an occasional mild word of colourful language, common to the vocabulary from this corner of Britain which has given us so many of our successful creators of wealth.

Only listening to the discs several times over will avail the student of the tremendous volume and wealth of knowledge within.

Put one in your car and learn while you drive.



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