“Learn The Path To Wealth”

Prelude DVD

This DVD is designed to wet your appetite for your own personal improvement and no matter what age you presently have achieved, the door to incredibility could be opened for you simply by studying it via your television screen or monitor.

Knoll House Interforum is making this disc which normally accompanies our most successful Introduction Seminar set as a form of sample for those not conversant or even unsure of the incredible personal betterment learning techniques involved in the highest quality of human motivation studies conducted on the level of the individual as personal advancement education.

Read the following carefully and consider why this most probably applies to you.

All my life the personal level of achievement of individuals worldwide has fascinated me, and I find in the most part that 90% of the people I have observed have never given thought to what it is that makes others around them far more successful than the levels they personally have achieved.

Any human being that is greater educated in one subject than an other becomes more skilled in that subject, this of course, is common knowledge. So then why is not also common knowledge that to educate yourself in more detail towards the subject of personal income or even greater wealth is just equally as possible as educating yourself better in mathematics, history or science, because in just the same way self motivation and expertise could have been taught to you in school, if that had been the case you could then have enrolled in university to become an expert in the subject, as indeed I am.

Everyday of my life I meet those who could improve themselves quite simply if they knew how to do it, in other words, if they took a little time to teach themselves what it is that those they envy higher up the earnings scale already know most possibly only by accident. The learning of these skills would not only propel you to the levels you presently seek but could also show you the way should you wish to make the trip on a road to personal improvement that quite simply at the present time to you would appear to be magic, which is why I use the wizard to illustrate this text.


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