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How to Properly Tow a Car or Truck

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We all know that there are factors to consider before towing a vehicle, whether the car broke down, or it was involved in an accident, or just simply pulling it to a different location, there is a proper way to tow your car. The makes and models of cars have different specific guidelines when it comes to towing these vehicles.  

Another factor is what drives it is, whether front-wheel drive, rear wheel drive, or four wheels and all-wheel drive. It is important to know these things as not to damage your vehicle when towing them. Depending on multiple factors, there are many ways on how to pull your car properly as not to cause any harm.  

There are a few basic ways to tow your car, towing with all four wheels off the ground, towing with two wheels on the ground, and towing with all four wheels on the ground. All these methods have different purposes and use, especially for the drive of the car that’s being towed. Using the wrong method can and will lead to severe damage to your transmission. The best way to tow a vehicle of any drive, whether all wheel drive, front or rear wheel drive is to tow it on a flatbed that raises all four wheels off the ground.  

That way, there is no movement happening with the car itself while it is being towed which won’t cause any damage at all. Many companies rent out these flatbed trailers that you can hook up to your car or truck that let you tow the vehicle with all wheels off the ground. Towing with two wheels on the ground, however, isn’t as simple. When towing with two wheels in the field, a device called a dolly is needed, where the dolly is connected to the car that is doing the towing, while the car this is being towed, has the two front wheels fastened and secured on the dolly.  

Oftentimes, that works well with front wheel drive cars, as the drive wheels are raised off of the ground. Towing a rear wheel drive with a towing dolly, however, requires a little bit more of work. If you plan on towing a rear wheel drive car with a dolly, the drive shaft of the vehicle must be disconnected and removed as not to cause any damage to the transmission.   

Another method for towing is using a tow bar. A tow bar is a triangular shaped metal device that connects to point to the towing car, while the wider end attaches to the bumper of the car that is being towed. This entails that the car being towed has all four wheels on the ground. If your car has a manual transmission, all you need to do is to put it in neutral and disengage the parking brakes. When using a tow bar with an automatic transmission, however, you will need to use a lube pump, to provide proper lubrication and to calm to the transmission of the car. This is important because since the car isn’t turned on, the pump for the transmission isn’t turned on as well. Contact a professional towing Concord to know more about proper towing. 

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Leaking Roof? Contact a Professional Right Away!

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Seeing any unexpected water stains on your ceiling? That may be due to a leak in the roof. A possible reason as to why this happens is because your roof is old and it is probably decomposing already. It is common to get roof leaks after winter because the snow falling onto the roof may have formed ice dams that turn into water when it is summer or any warm day.  

Here are some tips on how to fix and spot roof leakages.   

One tip on a leaking roof is to fix it as soon as possible. If you see even the tiniest of leaks, it should be addressed as quickly as possible. This is because of even the smallest leaks if not given attention could create an even bigger leak and would cause more damage as an effect of not taking care of the hole. This will create a domino effect regarding the bills you will be paying. First, you would have to pay for the repair of the leakages then pay for the repair of the roofs and lastly pay for the water stains on the ceiling.  

The repair of the roof alone will cost at least five hundred US dollars alone plus the repair of the leaks and the stains which would easily give you a bill of over a thousand dollars. One way to spot the leaks is to check the top of the roof. Check for any items that may have penetrated to the roof because these items are one of the primary reasons for roof leakages. Check for any items that may penetrate the roof like chimneys, roof vents, dormers, or anything else sticking out of the roof.  

Also, if you have access to the attic, then you can go up there and bring a flashlight to check for any leakages. This is one of the most effective ways to find leaks because you will be at the center of it all and you will be able to spot it quickly. One way to repair a leaky roof is to fix the shingles. It will be easy to find the leak if it was a flat roof but if you have shingles on your roof then investigate the shingles for any leaks. Lifting them up to find the leak will be the most effective even if it might be tedious, it will surely tell you where the leak is originated.  

If you see that the shingle is curled up, then it is best to replace that shingle with a brand new one. These are some of the tips you should remember when you have a leaky roof, or you are investigating a leak in the roof. Remember not to solely rely on roof sealants because they are not as effective as a mechanical fix for the leak. It is only a way of stalling so that you can call for Panama City FL roofing service. It will help buy you time for the repairman to come and fix the leak.   


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