“Wake Up To Wealth”


Money Maze - Life Maze
Few Ever Find Their Way Through Either

The Lost World - Planet Utopias

The magic that both you and this writer shared, as children, a trip down your memory lane. To view who you was and where you could have been. Maybe you still could it’s not always too late – read Lost World – this is your lost world.

The Word – featuring J C Carter

Assisted by John Charles Carter – far better known by his picture in this anecdote of life and how to live it down the ages, what are the words you live by – or perhaps, what should they be – there is power in the word – see for yourself.

Born Free – with M Monroe

Let the famous song drift through you mind and not the famous body as you view this short writing – you may have been born free yourself but are you now, greater earning power could make you so.

Modern Day Slavery by Reginald Gee

Voluntary slavery continues two hundred years after the abolition of the evil trade by a man made system of excessive credit. Imposing huge debts upon the unwary that will hold them in servitude, not simply for many years to come, but for most, life. Is that not the modern form of slavery that only mankind could think of imposing on itself.

The Birth of Knoll House Interforum by Joseph Wilson Stevens

By far the peoples favourite guest speaker at all venues of business talks and lectures, called upon so very often as an after dinner speaker at numerous events within the city of London. Meet the forums oldest member and the founders close friend ‘Joe’.

Entrepreneur Brocanteur by Reginald Gee

Competition Picture

For everything technical at Knoll House Interforum my son Stephen is in charge. In fact the controller, whilst I am the author. It is my vast experience in the world of self‑employment and the correct application of motivation, that I couple with business opportunities, that was the product for my most successful training company in the past - Mr Salesmanship - that formed the on‑line up to date counterpart that is the forum now. With this clearly understood, let me tell you our series of articles such as this is created. It is really quite simple, Stephen simply hands me a piece of paper with half a dozen titles upon it. Because my experience in the subject is so vast I write the text without a problem. On this occasion the piece of paper is not so straightforward and reads “(title with) Entrepreneur (in it)”, to which I said you're kidding and he said he wasn't. So fine, let us look at what I have done with his instructions, after which we will look through the facts as I have lived them. Since the French word entrepreneur to mean something in the English speaking world, that it does not in the original French. Follow the story of entrepreneur brocanteur.

Wake Up To Wealth by Reginald Gee

Some do and some don't, in just the same way some will and some won't. Which is which are you in or are you out. Some know where they are going and some don’t. Read this short and see which side you support

Build Wealth From Home by Reginald Gee

Written as though it was a menu to a good meal, sit down and savour this short writing; you can in point of fact make a meal of ‘tomorrow’ … so very many things are fabulous opportunities, until simply everybody becomes involved, what are tomorrow’s stories, start here with this special spread.

Life Coaching For Personal Wealth by Reginald Gee

Life coaching for personal wealth is the grown up version of asking Father Christmas to fill your dreams or grant your wishes. Whilst children find this so very easy, adults do not, thereby making a life coach for personal wealth so very necessary, when understood.

Stop Procrastinating - Earn Serious Money Easily by Reginald Gee

Procrastination is a disease that is easily caught. This article will show you the way to the cure.


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