“Wake Up To Wealth”




This title “Born Free” must now represent two of the most popular words the world has ever known. This title instantly bring so much more to mind, not simply the lioness Elsa they came to represent but the career of one of the most popular velvet voiced of British singers, Mr Matt Monro.

Columbia Pictures released the motion picture in 1966 the story of Joy and George Adamson, who as a result gained world fame. Incidentally, so did the actors who took their parts. James Barry added more never to be forgotten work to his repertoire with this ever lasting song.

What then you may ask has this to do with you, and quite rightly so. Well you were born free weren’t you? You chose your own name your religion and learnt all the arts and skills you admired, all assisted you to do this to become that which you wanted to be.

No? Are you sure you were born free, few actually are, however the trick, if I may call it that comes when you do at least know that you want to be. You see most people only want to be some thing they call average, which is a form of club for nobodies where little happens, the really worse affected members of these people term this condition as normal.

You however will not get the freedom the lioness got until you are finally boxed, and as all others totally forgotten. This as incredible as it may seem is the highest aspirations of the many as shown by daytime television adverts.

For those among you who may wish to start again, as it were, to be born free. What then would you be looking for this time, as my skills are very limited. I only teach people how to be rich and successful, nothing more. Based on the fact I have already done so myself.

That’s right I have nothing to do with wild life, motion pictures or singing artists, my only claim to any kind of fame is simple magic some have refer to as the Midas touch.

I teach people how to earn a lot of money, how can I do this all should ask, as it is the most important question of all.

Few if indeed any who’s learnt how to do this are prepared to show others how, most who could learn are too frightened to do so.

This is a rare subject, although the universities are crammed with students, few want any more than to learn how to make a living and have the wonderful goal of becoming average. As to whether or not these people feel they have been born free or not you will have to ask them, for I would doubt it. These are God’s chosen people the sheep who follow the code laid down for them by whom, they do not know but they have to do this.

For those reading this prepared to extend the pattern of thoughts towards being born again to some extent...


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