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Working from home today is the largest section of growth in the self-employed sector. It includes every type of small business imaginable from a-z, and in fact will be doubled as more and more people discover the business that is to be had via on-line auctions. In this small write up it is totally impossible to cover the title fully. With that understood, we will look at why the organisations Knoll House Interforum and Mr Salesmanship are the prime sites of the internet specialising more than any other in Build Wealth from Home programmes showing not only the business opportunities, but also and just as important, how to programme yourself with the will to win, teaching what you can win. How with the correct mix of these subjects successful people are born.


Whether you are about to hit a golf ball with a club, or about to fit a tap washer, the more you know about doing so, will make you more confident and in turn better at doing so. Most often, that which we do best has come by practice but before that it came by being educated to it. Strangely, probably the most intriguing subject of all, that being the success in the field of Build Wealth from Home is taught less to those involved in the project, than any form of sport or past-time you could possibly imagine. Masses of games have professionals at hand as trainers and coaches. Yet the group that is becoming the back-bone of commerce in the English speaking world, the self-employed, are virtually without any form of back-up, and with no government favours.


The days of what was almost full employment in huge industry and factories is over. It's not coming back. There is however hope that people will slowly come to see because this fact simply creates an opportunity from a different direction. Much the same as so many more things through human history take a little time to be appreciated. Examples here would be for instance it took over 30 years for electric lighting to overtake gas. More than 50 years before every home could be deemed to have TV and the computer is still in its infancy. We are still somewhere from 30 to 50 years before every home will have one. In the world of business opportunities however, nowhere is it more true than it is the early bird that gets the worm. Without a shadow of a doubt, those choosing to build wealth from home would be very much best advised to stay abreast of not only whatever subject matter they chose to work in, but also, and to a great extent, the most important for any self-employed person to stay in constant contact with a source of motivation. Any top-line professional in any subject you like has to do no less. In the case of the employed person, then the company sees to this requirement. With the self-employed this is really where the emphasis is on the word ‘self', failure to do exactly this accounts for over 80% of those who fall by the way side.


For those who need a little clarity, or inspiration, may I suggest spending an hour or so looking slowly through your Yellow Page telephone directory, with no specific thought in mind, other than to see how many self-employed ideas from a-z it contains. Consider just how many sets of Yellow Page telephone directories make up the full set for the British Isles, and possibly you will start to realise just how big of a club is to be found of those who build wealth from home. Add to this, that over the past 7 or 8 years, millions world-wide who are not listed in Yellow Pages are now working from home with on-line auctions. If you are not convinced by now that the self-employed is the club to join, then just what miracle are you waiting for. In almost everything I have ever written or recorded I say that basically there are only two types of people in this world, and in that I don't mean male or female, the reality will always be there that young or old, rich or poor, there are those busy going somewhere and those busy going nowhere (I once saw the truth written on a toilet wall. It simply said there are only two kinds in the world, those who read from toilet walls and those who write on them - this is just another way of saying pretty much the same thing). The further sad reality of this is that in well over 80% of cases neither of them knows which is which. Question is, do you, or would you at least like to learn? Are you totally sure you know which you are - how would you prove it to me? After digesting my writings, films, DVDs and CDs, you should be able to, but without, I am not so sure.


Few people whether working for themselves or someone else, ever take time to realise that we all have in common is that we work to make ends meet. The difference is how wide apart those ends are, and whilst this is yet another way of introducing the subject of goals, the most important thing when it comes down to success as you build wealth from home, that you must not lose sight of is your goals. Whilst membership to Knoll House Interforum will do all it can for you in this vein, and the recognised world-wide title behind the logo of Mr Salesmanship will always be available to top-up your motivation levels. Only you can set your goals. Only you can keep yourself on the path knowing it leads to success providing you don't wander, or allow anyone else to hold you back. You may not believe it, but it is so. There will always be more that will tell you not to than pat you on the back and help you upon your chosen path. In this direction the only trick there is that works and combats this phenomena for you, is to surround yourself with similar thinking people. This is one of the main features of the Forum and is based completely on the necessity for support, which will not be found in any other way.


The sweetest thing about self-employment and the ability to build wealth from home brings, is not merely the satisfaction, but more it is the control it brings to those operators lives. Although for some it can take a while to recognise it. I have yet to meet anyone who wants to go back working for someone else, or back on the shop floor as it were, once they have found their feet working on their own business, in their time. Truly it is the next best feeling to leisure, and for some like myself, it is even better than that.

This is a vast subject, and it is only going to get bigger. As I said in the introduction, now made far more extensive, both full and part-time, with the on-line auction programmes, where most certainly those who are more successful than others could assist, with not only product ideas, but operational tips and advice. True most will not look to give away secrets, but there is much room for improvement in the private sector in these sites, and quite a few chances for the better organised to be further rewarded for their assistance. By way of example at this time, a ‘Mr Salesmanship' student named in the original book ‘cash, money and a profit everywhere you look', who from a failure and a bankrupt, took the business opportunity from my writings and turned his fortunes inside out, becoming one of the most successful of the town's antique dealers over the past 20 years, added on-line auction facility to his business only two years ago. Now as this text is being written, he is moving over to on-line facilities completely, using a room at home as his office, and storage completely out of town, yet nearby home, thereby increasing his profits by more money per week, than a well-paid average man in this area, earns per month. Needless to say, he is of course a Forum member.


By way of summing up this text that could go on for almost ever under this title, and in fact will in other seminars and DVDs, can we just reflect for a moment on that timeless question of which came first, the chicken or the egg. For our purposes the question must be which comes first, the opportunity or the motivation. True, to build wealth from home you must have both, but which would you determine should come first? Your answers should be qualified and not simply a guess. The way you interpret it and the direction your reasoning takes would tell me if you will be a winner or someone near the mark but not quite making it. The full and explanatory answer would fill at least another page, for as with many other things, it is only when we understand in full, that we can do the work as a top-line expert and not an amateur with mostly only the best intentions going for them, lacking that slight, but oh so necessary touch that makes them professionals.

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