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Knoll House Interforum is proud to present its first competition, the prize of which is one FREE personal consultancy session (worth £280) with our very own life coach Reginald Gee (previously known as Mr Salesmanship). You may enter as many times as you like, but you are only allowed to win once. More listing and detail of this £280.00 coaching session is to be found in our members only area.

Our consultancy session - previously only available to registered members - is for one complete afternoon and for best results fill in the section of your motivational requirements on the entry form. If you win the competition your FREE consultancy session will be held on either Monday, Wednesday or Thursday at Knoll House which is situated in the heart of West Yorkshire, England which you will have to make your own way to. Upon winning we will email you with a choice of dates.

Should we find this competition is too easy with more winners than our system can comfortably handle, we shall add extra and more difficult questions to reduce attendance figures, therefore speedy completion is advised.

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PLEASE NOTE: This competition is being attacked by spam bots at the moment and as such it is temporarily closed. Whilst it is closed the submit button will take you to one of Steve's articles on Squidoo for technical reasons. If you get redirected just use the back button to return to this page. Then again if you do get redirected to Squidoo then you really should have READ this notice fist.



Question 1:
How many pages does our free e-book "School For Winners" contain?

Question 2:
What Special Day is mentioned in our Hubpage article “Security Vs Success”?

Question 3:
Which book do we recommend in our Squidoo article “Motivation at Work”?

Question 4:
According to our Ezine article “Personal Tuition” how many successful self-employed people did the Oil Painting business create?

Question 5:
According to Mr Salesmanship's website who was the inspiration for the Mr Salesmanship title?

Motivational Requirements: