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Money Maze - Life Maze

Few Ever Find Their Way Through Either

Like it or not you were born into the world that others (your ancestors) spent 100,000 years developing. This translates to enormous plus and minus factors that you can put to work for you, ignore, or even fight against. You can join the party and be carried on an adventure that the ones who went before you only dreamt of, yet they laid the path for you. Or you can bemoan your lot and learn little or nothing whilst living on handouts from those who can. Or slightly better take a job working the system called average until you complete the maze and are put in your box without a smile on your face.

Take a little time and consider if you had been born 100,000 years sooner, almost at the dawn of mankind. What status would you have held then, when mankind was way down the food chain that he has since climbed and when your number one goal in life was staying alive and not being yourself eaten by predators - life expectancy at that time being around just 30 years. Like it or not all of this is your history only because mankind has moved on, so have you when you come to realise that you can move you on further in the maze we call life. Will your personal dawn of recognition start to evolve for you as the life of mankind has for you up to now? No longer is sheer strength alone the almighty, but the power of thought, the thinking skills of mankind tuned, adjusted and balanced individually or united. The result has brought your ancestors from the dark caves of Neanderthal man to the edge of the universe and beyond, all of which you are a part of simply by birth.

Okay, fine, most of this you already knew. It had not been said in just those words, but so what. Well, if you feel unmoved by the text so far it is not really a surprise. You are only like the tremendous volume of ants running about almost helpless and looking for a job, an easy way out. We actually call them worker ants and like so many more you are still paying the price for being backward. The greatest problem is that you don’t know it. The real question is will you ever know before you reach the end of your maze, your life. The question is will you ever learn, I know you can and also so do you, the question is simply will you. Like anything else in your life so far, the wanting to actually do a thing has to take place within you – or - it simply does not get done.

When you were a child; books, games and even cereal packets had games on them in the form of a maze - which the purpose of was to find the way through them to the prize or correct destination. In this respect, although you never asked to be born, you nevertheless are placed on the starting line of life. This is what this maze is with its exit being exactly the same for everybody, whether they are black or white, man or woman, rich or poor. Hold on right there, one of those brackets is manmade - that’s right the last one, rich or poor. Now there is a thought, did you ever take time to realise you do not have to hold a licence to earn money. As you pass through this maze of life you learn some very simple business techniques that are actually all around you if you just take a little time to see them. It all comes right back to the same question, you must ask yourself what do I want to be. If you can not answer this question yet then let us look further into the subject.

Time out as they say. Think about this: you have been packaged and processed ever since you were born; to your religion, your station in life, to your likes and dislikes and rules which you must obey or be outcast. When are you going to realise that in exactly the same way there are other rules, plans, education and reasoning that when applied to life will take you on a path through the maze - as we have come to call it - on a path paved with what you would see as gold if you could set your goals and follow your dreams. So if by now I have got you thinking then think on this; nobody gets out of this life alive, the only difference is how you came across the maze, or if you prefer from one side to the other as just a small exercise. Before we move on, let me ask you to think of this; how many funerals have taken place today alone for people who never dared to dream the dream that faces you today.

Follow if you can this thought; the best business in this world is in assisting your fellow man, or woman, to cross this maze of life successfully, from the time of conception to that of interment. All these people including you are somebody’s customers, clients or students - there is scores of names for them. Consider, you watch television and see fine lives of others, places to go, food, cars, houses, etc; it is often called ‘how the other half live’. Yet less than 20% of people in the civilised world live this way – do you – you could, but only if you know how. Incredible as it may seem, few really want to know how to the extent which actually makes it so much easier for those who do, or in your case for those who want to know. True, some, but not many television shows encourage free enterprise and the arts embodied in the skill. But on the whole nobody cares very much about you until you care for yourself, at which point you will find that one door after another opens for you. To put it another way you will find what to most is just one secret after the other.

Move along with me and consider if you would that you had to write an essay on the rest of your life to come, on paper, or on the computer screen, how many words would it use up, or how many pages could you write. How long would it take you to do so from start to finish? Could you believe that 50% would not even know where to start with such an undertaking yet when you understand this technique which is called a plan for living, it is the simplest step imaginable to exercise control and success in your own future. Certain private business management schools charge fortunes to explain this personal control and goal setting systems as their foundation for individual success. In just the same way as you may write a shopping list, show how you could write your own ticket for life.

Have you ever given thought that right now you are making exactly the same mistake that so many others have before you. Just try to imagine if you knew about that mistake in the first place you would not need to make it and in the second place could not only avoid it completely but instead do the thing that worked. Silly as it may seem this is called advice, or even education. Now you know you can learn to read or write, or any other of the skills that mankind has invented over the last 100,000 years. You remember where we began this text, have you ever given any thought to the skill that mankind also created by coming down from the trees and walking upright, that being the ability to enrich himself to his own requirements and level of comfort he came to enjoy as a result of doing so.

Should it be that you are not rich and talented then the simple question that remains is do you want to be, or could it possibly be that you are comfortable with that rut in which you are stuck. It has been said before that a rut is just a grave open at both ends and without end. Like so many more perhaps you should check to see if you are dead already and just hanging around for the funeral day. I have met thousands of people who have purposely gone to the trouble of writing a will – a plan for dieing – but yet they have never written a plan for living. They have no goals, no proper aims in life, but yet they plan and prepare for dieing. There are books, schools and classes that can change your life if you take time to look for them instead of putting your time into burying your head in the sand as it were.

Right now as you read this there are millions of people in this world all rushing around busy going nowhere whether you like it or not you are just one of them. This will remain so until you find a reason to look for a better job, a better life, or even to realise that there is magic out there that could be yours. I’m Reggie Gee and can offer two views of self improvement you could reach out for. Few ever find true success and the reason for that? Is that few ever truly look for it. Look at it as illuminated in this post script.

Considering that Christ, Moses, Mohammed and yes even Buddha failed in their constant efforts to get all the people to do all the time that which they all knew they aught to do – then the bare reality of all time and all teachings must be that partial failure is indicative to this planet. Taken as such the now final question this leaves is simply which side of this line or life, success or failure, do you see yourself, or want to be seen as?

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