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Stop Procrastinating
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I was over 30 years old and already a millionaire from a working class background when I first heard this word - procrastinating - in fact I was accused of it, to which I replied “I did not know if I was or not”, because I did not know or understand the word. The superbly educated man who was trying to belittle with its use said it meant ‘stalling’ and ‘time wasting’ - to which I replied “Why didn’t you say that in the first place.” This got me a small round of laughter from the company we were in at the time.

Education is fine if you know what you are going to do with it, but quite simply so very many people, one of which could be you, are paying the price for being backward. Quite simply you are procrastinating. All my life I have found money so very easy to earn, just as much as I have ever wanted. Because of this fact, I have also found hundreds, in fact thousands, of idiots who use big words such as procrastination (taken from the Latin I later came to find out) to replace skills they do not have which in turn creates snobbery. Yes, that’s right, snobbery which word once more derives from Latin and means without nobility, which is so incredibly stupid when you look at it because whilst it is very difficult to earn nobility, yet to earn big money is quite easy like anything else when you know how.

Which brings us to you, are you procrastinating when it comes to earning money, or is it simply that you don’t know how to turn your hand to the skill. Which in itself then poses the question ‘would you like to?’ or are you happy procrastinating while life and all it has to offer far in advance of what you already have passes you by. For years that now number as decades I have met people who could have earned 10 or even 100 times more during their lifetime than they in fact have simply because they don’t or didn’t have the dreams or goals to do so in the first place. If I could show you how to see and understand the thought patterns that have guided quite ordinary people to the status of the rich and successful would you like this education or do you prefer to procrastinate even more years away to nothing.

Let me return to the first line of this text, just what is being said here? A man who has gone from rags to riches as they used to say is prepared to show you how it’s done. Are you so slow and lethargic to be saying ‘pull the other one’. Make no mistake on this issue, anyone who wants to earn serious money can do so and the more they understand this subject, like any other the easier or even simpler it becomes. To be truly honest you already know that, so what answer are you going to give as an excuse to your procrastination.

All around the world there are places of education even in the poorest of countries they teach the basics and all the way up this ladder of education people fall by the wayside in masses. I think it will always be so. But for those who can see this and say no to this happening to them. People who are prepared to think above the preconception of the norm. People who don’t want to be processed like ants or sheep. Take your pick because this is where procrastination lives by including you with the unwashed as those up the ladder of success refer to you.

When you are ready for your own sake to stand up and be counted to claim the share of wealth on this planet that could so very easily be yours, then look up the author of this script at Knoll House Interforum or his history channel Mr Salesmanship, because more than anywhere else on the planet, never mind simply the internet, this is your starting point. The only question will be can you stay the course, the trip to your own prosperity or will you be silly enough to let procrastination take you back to nowhere land that all those who no better call average. Believe it or not all those people have one thing in common and that is they are too busy trying to scrape a living to ever earn this serious money that people like this author find so very easy with little or even no competition from the so called masses which at present you list among.

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