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Modern Day Slavery

Slavery has not been fully abolished - but re-instated by debt

Through the late eighteenth century and the early nineteenth, William Wilberforce and his supporters fought tooth and nail to abolish slavery in what to them, at the time was the modern world.

Two hundred years later I wonder what his comments would have been regarding the blatant use of credit in enslaving, young and old alike, male or female, black or white, who have been coerced into voluntary slavery through massive debts that will take an entire lifetime to work off.

Little if any different to the chattels that slaves were seen as to the ever greedier lending institutions who today are no longer content with serving the public, so much as they look to consume not only the credit market but each other, as they cross advertise to take over and increase the debts of all and sundry as they look towards devouring each other.

How can it be that so many youngsters owe these monolithic creations of monetary greed more thousands of pounds than the number of years old they are at present, when there only asset is their youth? Why is it that it goes unmentioned that the idea of a loan is to repay it, not as these avaricious organisations would have you believe spending the whole of your life just servicing the debt through interest charges - this is modern slavery - lets be quite clear about it. Years past, the flagrant abuse of credit was not possible by government legislation, not that I would look to go back down that road. However, some form of credit, education is certainly called for.

The smart alec's in advertising and banking have been allowed to commit just as many sins as the slavers of old. Not only that, but we the public have fallen into the trap and as a result two hundred years after the lakes of tears caused by forced slavery we have tidal seas created by the oceans of debt. Since, for a huge percentage of people all over the world today there only way out of debt will come when they die, and the exercise is over. Just how different is that from how slavery was prior to its abolition.

There is another way, to educate the public by comparing what each pays by way of taxes. I have never found anyone who enjoys paying taxes. So let us purport the interest charges to the same degree, by way of education and show what just what the results would be with less borrowing and the personal abolition of the slavery you took on of your own free will. Just how much of your income do you spend on interest charges? For many if they were to sit down and truly answer this question fully, the final answer would be awesome.

Bringing personal debts under control is like any thing else, totally possible when they are brought into full focus and a definite goal plan is formed to cope with them. Should an additional income be possible then although quite obviously this would be of considerable assistance, most people simply see such as being able to spend more. At the end of the day the piper will be paid, you can put him off by paying interest but the sooner he is paid in full, he is not riding on your back. Take the story of the tortoise and the hare in the famous fairy tale legend, as it applies totally to you and your debts. The tortoise literally the interest may be slow but it does not sleep, or stop, no holidays, weekends, floods or any other pause whilst you the hare flies ahead but has to rest take breaks, holidays, illness etc. Look up this story on your screen or in book form, study it, relate it to your debts it is by far the best example possible.

You, the hare, can beat the tortoise, but only if you get your act together. Few do - all could - but like so many other things in this life, most leave it till it's too late. Consider this, would you answer an advertisement wanting voluntary tax payers, because thousands do on day time television as they are sucked in by masses of credit and debt control advertisements. All of which have one thing in common, that being to increase your debt in favour of the advertiser. When this amount of lending and borrowing gets to the proportions it has today, you try to tell me the difference to the imposed slavery, William Wilberforce fought so hard and so long to abolish. What then would be his comments on my observations?

For people with either a reluctance, to join this system or even for those who unwittingly have - look up Knoll House Interforum to form an escape to reality plan.

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