“Wake Up To Wealth”



We all have standards, the best of us or the worst of us, the remarkable thing is we as human beings can change, alter or rearrange our standards, should we ever see fit to do so. We can live on, under or above our planet, by first the thinking it has taken, and then doing it and making it happen, no other species has even come close to this.

Words, I have heard it said are what men live by, which has some truth providing you know what has been said, in the scheme of things this is only a very small planet with lots of people and indeed many different languages.

There is so many who waste their time on the words of trivia and are apparently stone deaf to words which could change their world.

Someone I knew well had a personal collection of forty thousand books in his quite large house, which was actually collapsing from the weight of them. He had read them all several times, all were none fiction reference books, in short he was the most educated man I ever knew, yet he never had any money, and had educated himself away from common sense. This man really did live by words; they did not appear to do him much good however.

What then are the words you will live by, or have you not given much thought to such yet. The real question is are you going to or is your aim in this life to simply get through it to the next life with as little fuss as possible, at least mummy loves you.

As you stumble through this life and hopefully the next, consider that the one single group of words in all religions and all languages have in common are quite simply that you, will become what you think about, look around you and see, all have or are doing exactly that, few know it, yet these words are written in every tongue in every script and should be the most well known fact in the world!

Just suppose for one small moment there was magic and you could indeed have the classic three wishes. Then what would they be? Which or what words are you going to employ to state them? To do this could bring you closer to reality than many will ever come.

Many times I have walked into a class room and asked who here considers themselves to be average, to watch virtually every hand in the room go up. When I ask them the same question at the end of my talk none do, and all I did whilst I was in that room was to speak words.

Your words now, if you could ask anyone from the entire of history one simple sentence, what would that be? Who would you address it to and why? Make a note of this. Think about it. Expand it in your mind until you can write a paper on it. Do this and you may just walk down a different path in life to the rest.


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