“Wake Up To Wealth”



I originally came up with this title meaning that so very many people do not consider themselves of being capable towards the freedom and earning power that so many times would be actually easier than what their present labours and toils by which they make a living actually are. There of course has been those who simply thought it meant wake up one morning rich!

The truth is that such a thought is not altogether wrong because in the same way as when you leave your home to go on holiday you consider your holiday starts at that time, even though you have to travel to your destination by boat, trains and planes, you still consider you are on holiday. With this in mind let us look at a few examples of those who really did wake up to wealth.


I first met this lovely man as he was made redundant by a large engineering company he worked for as a central heating engineer. I wrote an advert for him to place in the local paper; that was almost 20 years ago. His only wish today is that it should have happened to him sooner than it did. It is very common to find that persons made redundant turned to self-employment. It is also very common to find they also regret that they did not do it sooner. In this exact view it is well possible today that over 50% of the British self‑employed would have a similar story as to how they became their own boss.

What I find interesting is how few people today fail to see that so many times they could take up their work or hobby as a part time job before giving up their 'real' job which they don't like or doesn't pay enough. True, there are many who get pulled into an M.L.M. proposition instead. It is also a fact that such a scheme does show a lot of people how to wake up to wealth. In fact at Knoll House Interforum we have produced DVD's exactly on this subject. Regarding the splendid job multi-levels do in introducing many to a level of motivation they would otherwise never find.


This lovely lady was exactly what we mentioned in the last paragraph being made redundant by a major oil company. She is certainly worth more than a mention since joining our forum a few months ago, has become a very active member. She has amazed me that in all the years working in the oil industry, she never had a motivational lesson, or even so much as personal goal setting shown to her. She is very keen on the forum increasing its lady membership, and I most certainly agree with her, after all, in most homes, the lady has to do more to control the spending and would undoubtedly keep an even better home if she was to wake up to wealth creation, either with her partner, or of her own volitions. There are no restrictions on the earning of money by age or by sex. What is most amazing is that few want to do it. Most simply want a job. If you can explain that to me, I will print it for posterity. I look forward to the day when either Knoll House Interforum or Mr Salesmanship can have pages for the ladies. As with anything else in this world, there are opportunities suitable to each, and those suitable to all. In this respect, we say welcome on board Carol, be sure and introduce your friends to us.


No not relatives, but revelations, your revelations. If you are for real and self‑improvement is your aim, you don't have to look so far to find it. Most people simply don't look. When I was a very small boy, I travelled with my mother for almost two days to visit her sister. We eventually reached a superb little thatched cottage up a long narrow stony lane on the outskirts of Portsmouth. I remember well thinking how did she know her way to this place, I knew she had not been before, so I clearly remember asking her how she found her way. I will never forget the words of her reply as she said "as long as you have eyes in your head and a tongue in your mouth you can find your way anywhere in the world". It applies to much more than the question she answered so long ago, and that has journeyed with me over one million miles flying around this planet of ours. They don't make many now like my old mum who lived through two world wars and would not let this boy ever use the word can't. She taught me that always they who say they can't do anything actually mean they don't want to.

If I know anything I do know she would have approved of Knoll House Interforum having a lady's section. She was most certainly a factor that caused me to wake up to wealth.


If you don't know what these initials stand for then your education has been very sadly ignored. They of course mean do it yourself. As with a lot more things, you can do this literally. Wake up to wealth all by yourself, just in the same way as the well intentioned amateur can achieve most things, it takes a little longer and it never has the fine edge or performance as the job done professionally. Professionally comes down to being all about pushing yourself into being the best you can be, you can't do it alone, which is why the professional is schooled far in advance of the amateur.

Time is always the most important factor of any job. You cannot make any more of it. We sell time by the hour or the visit as professionals in some way or other. When, as we are discussing it now, you take this into the equation, then the critical thing must become how much time can you spend learning the practice of wealth creation before you are sufficiently educated to use it. I once heard an 80 year old man on his birthday say that, as long as you have good health and happiness you have all the wealth in the world. He was wrong. He was wrong then and he would be wrong now. Good health and happiness are not goals, they are conditions. True they are conditions we should all have. They are not goals and never will be. Only when you know from A-Z what goals are, can you ever set them. In every single instance success is found by knowing exactly what you are doing in this field. If you learn nothing else from this writer then learn this, or be like the old man I have described to you, who on his 80th birthday did not have the price of a week's holiday to his name.


If I said to you - “If I make you rich - what will you do for me?”

What would you say - think about it - what would you say?

Most would ask me what I want. You might find it difficult to understand, but so would I. You see I live in exactly the house that I want. I drive exactly the car I want. Anything else you can think of. I have been everywhere in the world I have wanted to go. So ok, then what would you swap me to make you wake up to wealth. On the website for Knoll House Interforum there is a reply system. Use this if you would like to answer this question.

Under the title “Mr Salesmanship” I have achieved every goal I have ever set, never missed. How would you like that skill? If you want lessons in anything, get the best there is to teach you. Second rate anything produces second rate results, or if you like old adages, you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

I hope one day we meet. If I have:
Reached you from this page, thank you.

Reginald Gee Sr - 2007

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