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Japanese Antique Buyers

Japanese Antique Buyers

Whilst it is indeed true this is the story of a mega-business-opportunity that you missed, it is also true that you missed both The War of the Roses and The Siege of Mafeking. What however is important, not simply for you, but for everyone else also is the lessons which were learnt as a result of all and any of these events.

The history of any military campaign since the time of Alexander has provided techniques and shown strengths together with weaknesses when studied after the event. ‘Japanese Antique Buyers’ does exactly this. First came radio, then it progressed to television. All of which came forth from a good idea.

What then you may ask is a good idea worth, this will be a question for you to answer, because what it is worth to one is not necessarily what it is worth to another. The idea is never the champion; it is those who run with it who become so. Those who adapt it and move it forward as John Logie Baird did to turn radio into television, or the Doctor who wrote out the formula for a soft drink just prior to the American Civil War and sold his idea to Asa Candler who in turn used it to create Coca Cola that became the most successful private company in the world.

I know my readership is not made up of those who want to change the world, but having said that they could change their world for the better simply by earning more than they do at present and all it takes to do that is merely an idea.

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Cash Money and a Profit Everywhere You Look

Cash Money

This title was first written as an article for Mr Donald Moore’s monthly publication ‘Entrepreneur’ as a single feature piece. So great however was it’s success and with demand for more from the publications readership, not only were many more articles written but ‘Cash Money’ had to become a full published book itself. Volumes of sales and reprints were to make it the most successful genuine first start business plan of all time.

So great was the response to the magazine, seven further titles of genuine business opportunities were to follow. These also became book titles each in turn. Their substance today remodelled in visual form as eBooks under the collective title ‘Behind The Scenes’.

Cash Money as indeed it’s title suggested became a plan which could be put into operation part or full time to lead almost anyone into the money producing world of self-employment in an almost unbelievable multitude of ways, that once learnt would put people on their feet as it were to go further into the almost secret and lucrative world that only the true self-employed individuals ever find.

Why earn pennies - when you could earn pounds - there is

But you will only achieve this when you know how to look, how to become part of it, how you need to change your way of thinking and most importantly of all how to set your own goals to become part of it.



What's So Difficult About Earning Money

What's So Difficult

People everywhere earn only what they ‘need’ thousands of course earn less, the few that earn more are indeed rare.

Only the word ‘need’ is important here - for if you or anybody else can come face to face with this one word, all can and will become possible.

Think of the overall public as an army that has all kinds of ‘needs’ - they also need leadership from Corporals to Captains and beyond, each rank is a rung of a ladder. The higher a person goes, the higher are the rewards. The world of business and indeed self-employment is no different. All that is different is those few who know what their needs are and how to climb the ladder of success to get them.

Human psychology is guided by goals and fuelled by a creative force, which is quite simply the goal itself. Thus, those with more or indeed greater impulses achieve more. The common goal - or the ‘need’ shall we agree, to all, first being survival, which once understood can move on up the ladder to knowing how to survive in line with the times - the only difficulty being the ‘need’ to know how. Here as with so very much more the answer is education.

Educate your ‘needs’ for more and better things

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Earn Your Fortune Selling The Goods Of Others

Earn Your Fortune

How many times have you heard someone say ‘a lot of money’ or in fact how often have you said just that? What actually is a lot of money? It certainly is not an exact figure, although it may well be a figure of speech.

The ‘Behind The Scenes’ series is all about you earning money and you can earn a whole lot of it. It would however be simpler if you could state the figure you want to earn as a number, when by having done so you can then set a clear and precise target which to aim for.

Once you can do this there are scores of ways to achieve your goal, one of which is to ‘earn your fortune selling the goods of others’ to the extent this today is by far easier than ever before. The only thing you need to be really aware of is; 1 - how much of it do you want to do, and 2 - just how much do you really want to earn. When you are able to answer these two points in actual figures, you will not only have a starting point but also and far more importantly you will know where you are going.

All life forms are goal directed and without them or understanding its principles, then quite simply you are going nowhere.

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Armchair Wheeler Dealer

Armchair Wheeler Dealer

Need always come first, it is then that actions to fill those needs are sought after. This in fact gives us one of the most dependable quotes of all time – that being ‘necessity is the mother of invention’.

In this context Armchair Wheeler Dealer was born as a business which provided thousands of customers without ever the need to meet any of them and conducted from your own home, your main working tool or partner if you prefer being the postal service or carrier.

Progress in the world of technology has in fact made this business even easier to perform. What is lacking for many is the clear insight into their needs and how to perform with the business and those needs.

So you must ask do you have the necessity to earn more, if not, why not? If so, when are you going to do something about it? Remember there are only two kinds of people in this world - those busy going somewhere and those busy going nowhere. All of them have the same choice, which comes down whether to fulfil their needs or not.

When if ever your needs move forward and become your goals then an easy start up business that requires only small capital to start up, plus having the potential to earn all you want, even possibly more then come to grips with:

Armchair Wheeler Dealer



The High Powered Wheeler Dealer

High Powered Wheeler Dealer

In the world of personal achievement there really is only one thing that truly matters or makes a difference, this is not your size or even your sex, it is not how tall you are or even if you are good looking, neither is it your brain size - but it is however how you use those ‘little grey cells’ as the brain has been called so many times - that personal computer you have always had that so few seem to know how to use it - or even program it.

Rather sadly in most cases worldwide the most regular use of both the human brain and the computer is that of playing games or seeking pastimes - when if time on the one hand was understood so that together with a goal of achievement were to be applied also then you could so easily become the title of this book.

The secret of the go-getters of this world is not altogether that they know where they are going - far more it is that they know where they don’t want to be. This once understood causes them to look for something better and then to do something about it. How much better and how much more each decides to do in this frame of mind determines the success they seek commonly referred to as their goal.

All people, even animals have goals, yet is only when they understand the use of them similarly to the brain or computer we refer to above that programming for success can take place.

Become The High Powered Wheeler Dealer yourself.



Oil Paintings

Oil Paintings

There are many business opportunities that can as this one indeed was be started up with what amounts to only pocket money. There are also many more which can be commenced by selling simply time itself. All too often people miss the obvious that pennies not only make pounds but that all great things have as their source small beginnings.

The Oil Painting business opportunity is the exact illustration of such. Two oil painted landscape paintings on canvas costing less than a packet of cigarettes each came to form a business which grew to employ over twelve hundred selling agents turning over more money than any of them had even dreamt could ever be possible for any one of them.

The story and it’s marketing plans for this business whereby special classes had to be introduced to illustrate the goldmine each agent had within their grasp depicts how without true goal setting a person is unlikely to recognise success opportunity represents without true education upon the subject.

‘Oil Paintings’ is more than a marketing plan, it is a wake up call for not only scores of other business ideas which could be adapted to it, more it illustrates people - people like you who could be so very much more if you too had a game plan.

A person without a game plan - a goal - is lost and they are going to stay lost until they find one. If or even when they do find one the amount of success will depend solely on the dedication they apply to it. This will be in direct proportion to the goals that motivate them.

Make Knoll House Interforum your first game plan
to be able to find your future.

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The Jet Setting Far Eastern Trader

Far Eastern Trader

The title series ‘Behind The Scenes’ created some very wealthy individuals all around the world. Many of whom went on even further. The Jet Setting Far Eastern Trader, as it’s title suggest was written for those who would indeed go further in business than other titles in its series.

Not only did this book create many new Far Eastern Traders but it also spawned new businesses that have become today’s TV selling channels doing no more than the words contained in it’s pages. Words, it has been said many times - is what men live by. The opportunity of this book and indeed its series of books is fuelled by the needs and wants of the people. As there are more of them now than ever before this simply translates into the fact of there being even more customers for your service than ever before.

Virtually every person who goes to another country for pleasure on holiday as it is referred to by most, walk right past an opportunity to earn a profit from their journey - why don’t they do this, you may well ask - the answer can only be that they cannot see it, their eyes are not open to the opportunity that is right there before them. If this were not so they would as others would have indeed done see the world of the Jet Setting Traders, who simply buy where goods are cheap and resell where the prices for them are high, in a wide variety of ways which now include the computer on an individual basis or small business all the way up to a TV selling channel and much more.

Your first lesson in life was how to breathe, that was not so easy at the time because you cried. Later your education gave you the ability to read and write and a whole lot more as time went on. As time continues to go on what are you doing with it right now? For with a little more education of the right kind you could turn your life into so much more. As indeed this title from the ‘Behind The Scenes’ series did for so many before you.

Why settle for just a few pounds, when the numbers of them that change hands in your town alone every single day is far beyond ever counting.

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Create Your Own Job It Pays Better

Create Your Own Job

We all of us at times settle for something less than what we really want. The difference comes about when each of us realises that to have exactly what it is we want only costs a little more than we have. When a person decides to earn that extra amount this can so easily become the turning point in life, it has indeed for so many before you and will also for so many yet to come after you – so why then not you?

World history is littered with people who started doing something extra by themselves, that we today call a business opportunity, not only to become better off as a result but going on to truly make something of themselves.

8 million people today in the British Isles are self-employed full time. A huge number of them started their businesses part time and rose to that status. How many of them would return to working for someone else – not very many – if any at all.

Success is not a privilege nor do you need a licence to go out and hunt for it. Each week contains 178 hours within it, normal working and sleeping time takes up less than half of that time so then how long each week could you give over to helping you become who you could be, especially if you like doing something close to a hobby which produces money.

Every self-employed person has a story to tell – few of them left school to become what they are today. One of the largest obstacles that all these people share in common that they had to overcome was the negativity of others around them who drape themselves in security and view those looking for success as adventurers or not as they would say ‘normal’.

The fact remains that if you want to earn and above average income you have to become an above average person and create your own job which pays better.

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