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Although at first you may well not see or even believe so, very few people truly want to become that what they would term rich – which to some extent is surprising or perhaps mystifying, when you consider how very many of these same people buy lottery tickets, or similar other products of which there are indeed so very many of today. Any way you care to look at this, it is in fact gambling on “luck” in some form, for a better future.

What then do all these people have in common with one another? Well maybe not all – but most of them work for a living. In other words the money they have worked for… to come by, they have now invested in a dream simply by buying a ticket to be able to do so.

Right now think well on this short text above – is this for you… true or false – fact or fiction.  If then you are still with me up to this point, then let me ask you a question. What would be your reaction if you could “invest” a little time not money into obtaining a do-it-yourself plan to read and study in your own “time”, a story that took the writer of this you are reading now from a few pennies to making all his dreams come true along the way. To the eventual degree the full total would be far in advance of today’s so termed average major lottery win

Having said all of this, now try once more to look at this from another angle. Just how many times have you been  influenced by others, friends or relatives, even school, with words similar to this – “Don’t Do It” – I know you have, because I have, we all have become a victim of this at sometime in our lives. If that were not true, none of us would be who we are now. So then where could knowing more of what is truth or fiction take us? Let’s face the fact the education life has taught us up to this point in time has made each of us exactly what we are today. We can or only will learn more if we first decide we want to, without the wanting nothing happens…



This made to all the members or readers of K.H.I. is quite simple, straight forward, with no hidden agenda. Although it will take some thinking about on your part to understand or take part within its programme.

“If you will take the “time” to write, hard copy or email, 250 words upon the best subject that you know – that being yourself. Your history to date and most importantly your dreams for “tomorrow”, much like what is termed a C.V. if you like, or perhaps similar to a wish list for Santa Clause that projects your future desires”

Then instead of paying £250-00 for the 185 page publication “Don’t Do It” we will swop it, or if you prefer the term – exchange, the written works with no further involvement or costs. Not withstanding this could well mean you gain considerable insight to your personal “dreams” and your “luck” at the same time.

£250-00 or a little of your “Time”
the choice is completely yours

The eBook “Don’t Do It” is basically the early life story of the founder of Knoll House Interforum. The unnecessary battle he had with all those who for what ever reasons they may have held us back “for our own good” or so they would have us believe, at the time they do so.

Think on this a moment – how many times have you found knowledge you wished that you had found sooner, this is a thought common to all of us. Moreover it applies to all human life, the scientist, inventor or discoverer, anyone of which could have achieved what ever they did sooner or easier, with just one piece of what they later found to be “simple” information. It is also a “Truth” strange as it may seem, just how often this simple explanation is seen to be “Fiction” then ignored. Much to the individuals loss as a result, don’t let this become your mistake now.

Each of us to some degree have been educated, yet with this instruction you undertook you also knew it prepared you for a pay level. In other words, if you trained as a labourer, then you expected income considered normal for that way of life, not to mention the style of living that went along with it. Similarly if you trained shall we say as a doctor, then yet again even as your education was in progress, you knew to some extent what your eventual pay grade would become.

This said, what are you looking for now?  Or why do you bother doing the lottery. What would you spend only just a little of your “time” doing, so that you could look at just how much more life could offer you before its all over.

We can all live better than we do
but only if first we want to
and second but most important of all

conclusion       “IN A NUT SHELL”       conclusion

You would not be far wrong if you were to look at this offer in the same way as though you were applying for a job in writing. A job that would pay you all and exactly the amount of money you want for your ‘time’.

The huge difference here, however, is that in this instance the odds are massively in your favour if you choose to exchange your text for ours. This calculated by asking you for only 250 words - that’s right words not pounds - to then receive well over thirty five thousand of ours. The option to do this electronically or by hard copy is also left to your discretion. Should you opt for the laziest of choices by simply paying the advertised price, then the packaged eBook CD Rom of “Don’t Do It” of 185 visual pages, will be sent to you post free.

Choose only ONE from the following list of options

  1. Send your 250 minimum word text by email to the web master at within seven working days from its receipt to receive “Don’t Do It” as a download, with no further obligation.
  2. Send your 250 minimum word text by hard copy, this can be handwritten, typewritten or printed, sent by post to Knoll House Interforum (text exchange offer) HD4 7BX add GB or UK if sent from international locations. Then receive post free, the cased CD Rom entitled “Don’t Do It” with no further obligation.
  3. Email us at for bank details or credit transfer instructions to correspond with any money or currency regulations that may apply to the transaction. All cards acceptable through Pay-Pal or international links.

FINALLY - We at Knoll House Interforum know only too well that not very many who read this will take up the offer – or – the challenge that it represents…


All correspondence by any means received as a result of
this offer will automatically  become the property of K.H.I.




One of our many e-mails complimenting this publication

Hi Reg,

A quick note to thank you again for your inspiring book. What a fascinating read. Your story triggered so many memories from my own life and some very interesting trains of thought that have been on my mind all week.

Joe Karbo's book "The Lazy Man's Way to Riches", as it happens, was my introduction to the world of "success psychology" and personal development. That was in 1979. And it's certainly true, as I write at my hypnosis e-book website, that "if you knew me 30 years ago and met me now it would be obvious to you that I've had good results from my interest". It's equally true though, as I mentioned in my "250 words", that my successes have very noticeably been confined to activities that don't involve the acquisition of money.

Now that I've read "Don't Do It!", I realise there's a reason for that. Where and when I've used the personal development techniques I've learned and, more importantly, where and when I haven't used them has been influenced by an underlying fear of ridicule. I've suspected this for some time, to be honest, from observing my thoughts and recent failures to act on opportunities when I could easily have done so, and now your book has convinced me. This fear of ridicule was undoubtedly instilled in me by the "proud to be poor" culture I grew up in and has been so deeply ingrained it's become an unconscious irrational expectation that prevents me from doing things I want to do. In other words, a phobia. There's even a word for it, I've discovered: catagelophobia. It's why I've experienced so much emotional conflict over the years between wanting to be financially successful and not wanting to "betray my working class roots" and consequently have made as much progress in business as anybody would with one foot on the accelerator and the other foot on the brake.

"What's holding you back?" is a very popular question in the world of personal development, and I think your battles with the "don't do it" brigade have provided me with my answer to that question. An unconscious irrational expectation of ridicule would explain everything. All the decisions I've made in the past 33 years.

In the meantime, thank you again for all your help. I'm so glad I remembered you and looked you up on the world wide web. Perhaps we'll meet at Knoll House one day.

With my very best wishes,

Canberra, Australia