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Your Personal Gold Mine

More accurately the title above should read your gold mind because that is exactly where your personal gold mine is situated, if you should ever decide to use it.

Consider the fact that most people know what an idea is and probably think they know what to do with them - but do you? If right now you had a small idea that could make you very well off financially what would you do about it.

Suppose you had been the person who had the idea for the paperclip or the safety pin or even the ring pull can would you be the one who made the huge fortune from any of these ideas or would you have let them slip through your fingers. Whilst you may find it difficult to believe most people let not only ideas but indeed life itself slip by when just to work on one simple idea would have given them a life of luxury.

In the entire history of ideas invariably it is the person who acts upon them who becomes the hero. Possibly, what is the most surprising is that it is rarely the person who thought of the idea first who becomes this champion. In fact the history of fortune making ideas is littered with stories based upon this fact. Possibly the largest commercial example would be the doctor who invented the formula for Coca Cola the drink that created the largest private company in the world. On the same theme the baseline story of MacDonald’s is almost the same. Though you make find it difficult to believe there are hundreds of stories all of which come down to the lack of desire for the success within the individual who missed out upon them.

On a more personal level I have seen such ideas, worked with people upon them. I have provided others with the plans which formed their business. I have also taken ideas from others that did not want them and I made fortunes by operating them myself. So very many times in fact almost always the idea comes second and the true hero is the one prepared to work with it. These people all have one thing in common and that is they are not average people. In the total concept of the history of man if we are to learn anything at all it is that average really is just nowhere, person, place or concept and to make an above average income we must become an above average person. Once this awesome truth can be absorbed then and only then can we start to see the ‘Gold’ in this title.

Nine out of every ten people see themselves as average and in fact work hard to remain average. If it should be that you yourself are such a person then the knowledge upon this page and contained within the classes to which it refers is not for you. In your case better you should take out life insurance and select your final resting place so that although you never started to live you can at least finish this life tidy.

For the one out of ten who can see that since man learnt to use his brain for self betterment and who has also come to realise that personal action on proven ideas are the answer to dreams whatever those dreams may be then a session of six hours constructing your own personal gold mine, the title of this class, will be unequalled in the entire of your personal history.

Including: Sell Ideas Build Ideas Develop Ideas Search Ideas Research Ideas Convert Ideas Employ Ideas Create Ideas Exchange Ideas Write Manuals of Ideas

Priced at £2,050.00 this class will be outside the reach of many but could well be set as a goal by ascending students of the forum who have come to realise the worth of working with a self made millionaire to this degree.

Simply stated this class is unique and as a result has created many unique operators now living all round this world, many of them whose testimonials are contained in our introductory free e-book, others who attend our live seminars as guest speakers and instructors.

To cover this subject with the depth and scope in almost all cases is in reality an ongoing process which commences with this very special day. Therefore, those attending this class will be elevated to associate members and be able to keep in constant touch with our base for ongoing advice and refresher courses as required. With their chosen earning plan or ‘Gold’ Idea they are currently working with building upon and developing.