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More than 50% of this site contains FREE information for the education of Personal Wealth Creation and Goal Setting.


Earning a little extra money and becoming an entrepreneur is not difficult; many people do it simply because they know how. You know this … but do you know how? Because this is personal wealth creation working in reality.

This site, “The Home of Personal Wealth Creation”, is heavily weighed with common sense to show you how to find wealth. The route to this wealth can only be found by exploring this site in more detail and consider becoming an entrepreneur.

Approximately 50% of this site is free viewing containing many FREE e-books. The idea behind this being that only those more serious students requiring more advanced knowledge require to support this site financially. This feature making this site unique for those who seek personal wealth by personal application to the subject of personal wealth creation.

... it's great to see you're doing the teaching again. I know you'll see many more success. After all when I just met you back when I was a 22 year old "skint labourer", I never realised two decades later I'd be a multi-millionaire living in paradise.

Cheers again Reg all the very best
to you and your enterprises.

Stephen Price, Pullenvale


Thank you once again for your kind comments Stephen ... happily as you know many of my past students have also attained a similar status to yourself. Sadly though today so very many in Britain simply want to earn only a living, few want to be the true success they could become as they are unable to rise above the negativiity of the times

Best wishes and continued success

Mr Salesmanship

See more of Stephen Price's Letters of thanks as he climbed the ladder of success on our testimonials page along with many others

For viewers even now presently at this time self–employed; then this site more than any other will show you how to raise your gameplan. No matter what trade or service you may already be involved with, as it is you who are currently upon the ladder of personal wealth creation - so for the most part will know that the right contacts, or the correct upward steps, at the right time, will carry you forwards towards the success you seek far more easily. It is here upon this site that not only is such on offer plus made possible.

My history as a life coach in showing people their own personal way to wealth has an extremely large and successful following, details of which can be found in the free e-book upon registration.

I was once described as the vicar of private enterprise owing to my dedication in showing so many others their way to such an exceptional personal goal - that of becoming an entrepreneur.

I specialise in courses in personal motivation customised to suit the individual to help you clearly visualise your path to success - only you can motivate yourself, let me show you the way to upgrade your lifestyle, create your own job and enter the ranks of the self-employed where you are your own boss all of which is to your own personal benefit based upon my experience and the success gained from it that you can share or become part of to your individual requirements.

People who leave this site before looking through it carefully will never realise they struck gold, they will leave ignorant of this fact. See the story “Acres of Diamonds” it applies to people leaving prematurely … failing to see what is under their nose. But you know strangely, most people don't have the time to become wealthy - for they are far too busy working to make a living ??? See the book 'Do You Sincerely Want To Be Rich' by Charles Raw, Bruce Page and Godfrey Hodgson ISBN-10: 0767920066.


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We currently rate number one on a Google search of ‘Personal Wealth Creation’ or ‘the creation of personal wealth’ however you choose to view the same, in the light of your needs.

Dedicated to the self-employed and indeed also the unemployed whose answer could well be found in creating their own jobs, as indeed almost 8 million people throughout the British Isles have.  Many of their stories are contained within our site, others appear as site guests in various ways.
To view this website in full including it’s many films and streaming videos would actually take two full working weeks – add to this we are expanding it constantly and you now know why we hold the ranking that we do.

We would like to thank all who join us to make our voice in support of the self-employed more heard. Not only in this country but indeed all around the globe – as the heroes of new business and also new ideas.  At Knoll House we teach you to work smarter not harder, for it is you who could take up the further unemployed as you expand your own horizons.

Wealth begins when you start to think about it, if you don’t have the time now mark this page to come back to, we will show you how when you have the time.

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Few rarely succeed at doing anything unless they have fun doing it.

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