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Knoll House Interforum holds regular seminars to assist you in turning your dreams into reality. Almost invariably schools or seminar classes for the creation of higher positions upon the social ladder are reserved, even, restricted to those employed by large corporations, conglomerates and institutions. The difference, however, being that Knoll House Inteforum Seminars are specifically tailored for those individuals attending that wish to create their own future, and not that of assisting major corporations who are likely to leave them behind.

Held in the countryside retreat of a self-made millionaire (pictured below), this straight talking Yorkshire man will show you how to think differently and increase your own wealth.

Regular day group seminars are held throughout the year and give you the opportunity to meet people with similar ideas, whilst spending time with the founder member to discuss your own topics. Personal one‑to‑one tuition is also available to registered members and you are able to bring your own ideas and gain an insight into expanding your horizons.

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Follow the stream of knowledge with Knoll House Interforum which flows into the ocean of success