“Students of Wealth”

The Reverend Adrian Butt

Approximately 8pm one evening I took a phone call from a very well spoken and polite man who asked what the limitations were for attending a Mr Salesmanship seminar. At first I thought he may be disabled in some way and therefore at difficulty as the events were held on the second floor in my complex home. He assured me that this wasn’t the case and asked me if his present profession would preclude him, at which point he revealed he was infact an ordained minister of the Church of England. A Reverend no less!

I assured him he would be welcome\; his completed application arrived a few days later. Joe Stephens was the guest speaker and Introductions Leader at the seminar Adrian attended. I remember wondering what Joe would make of that when the Reverend Butt would be asked his occupation in the morning of class introductions. On the seminar day when this happened and all eyes in the room opened wide, a few mouths opened as the Reverend Butt revealed himself and his calling. Joe, ever the artisan said “You’re obviously looking for a heaven sent opportunity.”

Adrian and his lady wife came to more of my special classes than any other of my students, making them regular visitors and indeed friends of the family at that time. His calling was not a problem, one evening as he played pool in my large Western Saloon with son Richard who was a mid-teenager at the time and very proud of his mastery with the cue stick. I remember saying to him as he played Adrian at Eight Ball “If he casts his eyes aloft for help from his Boss you’re in trouble son.” It was all taken in good part.

Quite obviously having an ordained Minister listed in Who’s Who attending my seminar I saw as one huge compliment. I therefore took the trouble to visit his home and his church where he allowed me the privilege to feel what it is like to stand in a pulpit in the House of God. He conducted me around his almost 700 year old church with great dignity another of many instances in my life which I look back upon with pride.

We discussed the differences between religion and motivation, both of us agreeing that there are in fact huge similarities involved, also, that religious scriptures hold some of the most motivational stories of all time, when understood as they were written.

There is far more I could say about this student, we shared many thoughts together and bounced all kinds of ideas off each other, to benefit our congregations, as I might call our similar audiences of those seeking guidance.

Among other notable seminar attendances we have listed a large number of doctors of medicine and even music, dentists, accountants indeed pretty much all of the professions. However to the best of my knowledge the Reverend Adrian Butt was the only Minister to attend.

All others that have had dealings with K.H.A. Ltd, Mr Salesmanship and Knoll House Interforum etc listed in Who’s Who have been by the written word and include politicians, mayors and even some royalty, to which extent, we are indeed honoured.