“Students of Wealth”

K C House

Kevin house was only in his very early twenty’s at our first meeting. Self employed motivational seminars tend to attract an audience of people in their late thirty’s through to the mid fifty’s, and in some cases beyond. Most usually the young are too busy making mistakes to educate themselves properly in this fascinating subject.

However, Kevin, and his friend Andy, were exceptions to this unwritten rule and “Wow” in less than six weeks of attending their first seminar they were back for personal classes driving a new Benz only to tell me they had one each, but common sense dictated they would come for a weekend class together in just one. The bunches of flowers they brought for my girls (wife and secretary) were huge and filled the rear seats of the motor car.

Using a combination of my book titles these two dynamic entrepreneurs became my wealthiest students in the shortest passage of time by definition.

Although it is not easy to say it is by and large nevertheless true that it is those who find direction in life before they are thirty years old who tend to be most successful. Others so very often have created a situation which drives them in the same way a tail might wag a dog, rather than the other way round. In these cases I always find that the easiest route is to create a part-time job which when up and running pays better than the full-time one, thereby allowing a person to move from one to the other as a matter of simple progress. Kevin and Andy will never forget Mr Salesmanship, nor will you if you adopt his strategy.