“Students of Wealth”

Lall Kang

This lovely Asian man was so happy with his tutor that he invited me to his Wedding!!

I have had many, many more testimonials than appear on this computer page, but only the one, where as a result of showing a lovely man his way to Personal Wealth and Success was I ever invited to be a guest of the Groom at one of the largest weddings of its kind held in Birmingham.

Lall is one of my many students that honour me once each year with a Christmas card. In fact the number of Christmas cards I receive from past students would be impossible to display if my home was any smaller.

Incidentally, for those of you who would like to see what simple common sense and correctly applied motivation has brought me, and could do the same for you, then just let me say that every one of my video shorts on this and the Mr Salesmanship websites are all shot on and in location here in the heart of the Industrial North of England, in the valley that gave the world the Industrial Revolution and in doing so created some of the richest men the world had ever seen at that milestone in time.

Lall told everyone about his discovery - or in other words me. As a result I had the privilege of addressing many of his friends who attended my ongoing ‘Meet Mr Salesmanship Seminars’.

Some of my students of course keep the knowledge of wealth to themselves once they have it, which is fair enough if that’s what they want. Personally I think there is more to be gained by sharing a thought, which I undoubtedly share with Lall , who sent me so many new students after his visit. Thanks Lall, keep up the super performance you have so aptly demonstrated.