“Students of Wealth”

Stephen Price

Stephen came along to a full day seminar as a late teenager who was adamant that he wanted to be a businessman and not a gentleman farmer, as his father and several generations before him.

I have had the honour of receiving more unsolicited testimonials from this student than any other. Simply stated, he sends me a letter of all his progress every Christmas together with a card, letters which are usually several pages long. They no longer come from Leicestershire from where Stephen came from for his first lessons in Personal Wealth Creation. The letters and cards now come from his palatial spread in Brisbane, Australia.

He has gone from strength to strength since attending personal classes; his letters describe local trading and later countrywide operations, more recent ones describing his international work. Many of my students who came on personal classes assured me that they were going to become my best student. I have really no way of knowing who would have had that ranking, and for me, my best record, as I see it, is that I have had no failures. Certainly some have done better than others but always the result comes down to what the student wanted to start with.

All people everywhere have dreams, you who are reading this, also has dreams. It is the size of those dreams that is important and what is really important is to learn the fact you can set more ambitious dreams once you know how to do so.

Through my books, seminars and classes I have no way of knowing just how many boys and girls, men and women I have shown the way to wealth. Certainly, Stephen Price would be in the top bracket if I was to list them as such. Considering how nervous he was as a youngster his success today is an extra credit to him.