“Students of Wealth”

P C Rice

Peter Rice worked for Rolls Royce Aero Engines in Derby when he came to his first seminar. As with everyone else, Peter’s eyes opened to his own possible future and the benefit he drew was without measure to such an extent he wanted to bestow a gift upon me. At that time I was using 3 Rolls Royce motor cars which lived in a huge, fully equipped 1100 sq ft garage. Peter chose as his gift therefore several large RR badges which appear on the outer casings on all the RB211 engines fitted to BA’s fleet and many others. All of these I had mounted and hung around the garage together with many pictures of the late great Marilyn Monroe, who I feel was probably the most motivated woman since Anne Boleyn and whose grave I visited when I was in L.A.

Not only Peter bestowed gifts upon me and my wife. On regular occasions both my wife and secretary of many years received bunches of flowers and boxes of chocolates for their dedication to the task of showing the simple lessons of earning potential that so many think is magic, or a secret, when in fact the truth is the exact opposite. Almost invariably the vast majority of my students shared Peter Rice’s gratitude, finding similar results to him and in their thanks, decorating my big garage with fine symbols of British skill and engineering, which once led the world.

Thank you Peter, the very best wishes to you from us all still doing the same for so many more now by the World Wide Web whilst we are still at our same HQ Greengate Knoll.