“Students of Wealth”

Fred Roberts

Where to start with Fred, he wrote the very first unsolicited testimonial to me that I ever kept (see Donald Moore story Mr Salesmanship pages). However, far more than all of this came to pass as a result of Mr Roberts other early letters which I will reveal to you in this text concerning one of the most pleasant of students I ever met.

At the time I first encountered Fred only four of my book titles has been published, much to my amazement, it was a letter from Fred asking if I would consult with him on the business offered in the book for an afternoon and further asking what I would charge to render such a service.

As a result of a long series of subsequent meetings with Fred, not only did I develop classes for each book title available, but also personal seminars, which many of those attending became weekend guests in my palatial home which sits in 10 acres of its own fields and gardens.

In reality, all of this created more work for my wife than it did for me so it was only fair that she had all the fees from our visitors, which allowed her and her mother to travel all over the world. Which in turn made her so happy, the food and hospitality she gave our guests was incredible to say the least.

All of this was thanks to Fred Roberts and his sharing of ideas for the benefit of others, the system that Knoll House Interforum looks to carry on for your benefit for years to come, and to further the numbers of those lifted to success by education, that is still not to this day taught in any western schools, or by any government created schemes – Why not I do not know – but does politics make sense to you? I would support Guy Fawkes, the only man to go into the Houses of Parliament with honest intentions.