“Students of Wealth”

Mrs Leeda Twig

Only once in the years of the Mr Salesmanship Seminars was it ever an all male attendance, similarly, just once, there was an event with only one lady. Leeda Twig , in her mid thirties at the time, she was not only a very attractive lady, but, and far more importantly, a lady with goals – with a mission, who had come along to strengthen the dreams and desires she already held and to obtain information, plans and business schemes to put the package together.

Our seminars differ from others worldwide because we examine first what each individual delegate is looking for, in that way build the day around the given audience. This being the case Leeda picked up on every detail, asking some very pertinent questions; as a result she outshone 50% of the males present upon the day.

Up to recently I had every address of each individual student of my teachings, after conducting a special survey it revealed that over 90% of my students had moved up-market since registering with one of my companies specialising in applied motivation, product marketing or the use of instructed basics of applied common sense.

Her testimonial is also one of my favourites, because it reminds me of a lovely lady who knew where she was going and came to Greengate Knoll for the exact map she required to make the journey. In this life some only dream dreams yet never do anything about it. If you are tending to be this way, then take a leaf out of Leeda’s book, it will open your eyes. Open your eyes!