“Students of Wealth”

Lee Wood

For those of you who have already taken the Forum Introductory Video then you have already seen Lee upon your screen. Over the years I have received many testimonial letters from Lee and in fact he liked my work so much he bought the copyright to several of my early books to become a publisher himself!

I am no different to anyone else. I like it when people say nice things about me. In this respect Lee probably takes No.1 billing as he refers to me as his mentor. As a result of his studies and my teachings Lee lives in exactly the house he wants to and drives exactly the car he chooses. How many of you can say that?

Today, there are more government schemes than you can shake a stick at, none of which correctly teach motivation. Ask Lee, he knows more about motivational speakers than any man alive today. His personal collection of DVD’s, tapes, books, recordings of all kinds, number into many thousands and have a value of well in excess of 100,000.

At some time in everyone’s life we have dreams of what we would like to become, sadly though, most people end up simply working for a living. The upshot of this for Lee was to learn all he could about why some do and some don’t. Why some can and cant. What is the difference Lee found out when his collection included items from the Mr Salesmanship series.

Best wishes Lee and as the late, great Bob Hope said so very many times “Thanks for the memory”.