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In the western world no school or college teaches human motivation, they of course should and possibly will one day before it is too late. What do I mean by too late? Ok, consider that Japan has taught motivation in schools since the last World War, and what we are looking at today. Further, Korea and now China teach children from 7 years old and above the subject extended with further poems and songs interspersed, now tell me what the result of this is upon the world stage.

Quite literally I dare you to look at your car, or your home to see just how the degree of this focussed upon system, from those we once called the third world, has invaded you. Suppose you therefore could teach yourself some of this motivation, which has bestowed considerable wealth, wherever it has been understood. Just how would you go about learning the subject, for there is no night or come to that day schools either that teach it in the western or English speaking worlds.

There is however MLM, yes that's right multi-level marketing, whose whole system of operation depends upon it, in fact without the ability to teach their brand of the persuasion, the concept, built on the scheme of pyramid selling, would simply crumble and fail.

Do not mistake the reason for this DVD, it is not aimed at scorning multi-level marketing, or its ancestry, not even its more modern terminology "turnkey". Knoll House Interforum supports any education system which brings to public attention the future possibility for each and every individual by exploring the world of true human motivation, and the history of the same when correctly applied, in general terms at least MLM does just that.

The Good, The Bad, The MLM

The wake-up call that MLM has provided and in fact continues to do so, is probably the most convincing argument to the fact human motivation should be a school taught subject of considerable importance. Add to this, when also the history of many self-employed individuals from the English speaking world, can be traced back to receiving their early lessons in exactly this subject through involvement with MLM, then a picture starts to emerge as to just how important these lessons could be.

The day that the true meaning of motivation comes to you could well be termed as the day you saw the "light". How many past students have used this term that have been connected with "Mr Salesmanship" the title I operated under for 20 years, when I created more hope and success in quite ordinary people, many of whom had experimented with MLM before coming to me.

Martin Luther King became most famous because he had the catchphrase "I have a dream" which he repeated at least three times in every speech he ever made. The only reason I outlined this is because, until you have a dream you're going nowhere, and I do most certainly find that those who have given time to MLM prospects and that the very least come away with a dream, or even some form of goals. Which point returns me to the proposition that I support the teaching of human motivation to the extent I would the study of medicine, because simply stated the correct level and application of this subject is the cure for so very many problems unique to the species on this planet referred to as Homo sapiens.

The Good, The Bad, The MLM
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