“Learn The Path To Wealth”


Results of our recent membership surveys confirm that for the major part of our forum, common sense prevails and the earning of extra money comes in place number one. Youngsters and fools fall time and time again for the many get rich quick schemes that have always littered the way of genuine business opportunities. Sincerity is rare in this world of ours which is why so many manufacturers of anything must offer a guarantee with its products.

As our teachings are based on the true spirit of free enterprise we are unable to give any more than just a product guarantee. Having said that however, if you listen with more than just one ear to this exceptional DVD, we will guarantee to open your mind to possibilities that most live their entire lives and never know they even exist. As we pass through this life there are many alleys and byways that go nowhere. We all have experienced this. In the website of Knoll House Interforum we use pictures of complex road junctions and straight clear highways in an attempt to illustrate this. In this vein this ten part DVD is exactly the vehicle to travel with and will show you one from the other.

There have been many occasions in my life where one small sentence of advice has opened unbelievable doors for me. In this DVD I attempt to do just that for Forum members in each and every part of this disc. In many of my writings and recordings, audio or visual, I constantly repeat how thinking is where everything starts in this world. I can put a thousand examples before you. The simplest two would be 'think happy and be happy'; 'think sad and be sad'. Any medical practitioner will tell you that without a thought from your brain you could not even move your little finger. Does the title of this DVD need any more introduction than that?

All kinds of items today carry warnings upon them, electrical products, prescribed drugs, food stuffs and far more. The warning therefore on this DVD 'Think Money Become Wealthy' must be “listening to this advice could seriously affect your wealth, cause you to give up your debts, live your dreams and taste freedom of the strongest kind”. Before purchase please be sure you have read and fully understand this health warning.

Think Money Become Wealthy
A DVD production from Knoll House Interforum

This unique DVD can be yours for the incredible low price of £29-87 post free.


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