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Turn Only One Corner

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You can be average like the vast majority of people around you or by your own efforts (when you know how) you can be wealthy as those who presently may appear to you as the chosen few. The choice … when you know more … then the choice to be average or wealthy is indeed yours.

The difference comes quite simply by knowing how to turn the mental corner possibly not yet seen or realised in your mind or your lifestyle to enable you to move from where you are presently on the social scale as it were to where you could so easily move towards – when you know not only how – but – how so very many others have done so before you in this instance those who not only I can speak of with personal involvement assisting their passage who themselves now assist others such as yourself by making their feelings and successes available to you on the history pages of this site. Those who knowing how move forwards constantly moreover they are leaving you further behind day by day as they continue to do so, this situation will remain so until you do something about it. This you must to some degree at least already realise.

This e-book “Turn Only One Corner” or as I choose to call it is a “paper” that completes the series of my motivational library. Time and tide having caught up with me there will be no further renditions, nor is there any need for any. Simply stated if you don’t or cannot find the path to your personal wealth in my published works then you won’t find it anywhere.
By way of celebrating the completion of more than ten years in the writing and publication of my many electronic “papers” for a limited period I am making this most comprehensive work available as a free download after all money is the very least of my problems more importantly with the use of my proven lifestyle working plans contained throughout the library together with this final e-book one day not too far away it could also be the very least of your worries replicating my proven success library.


You hardly need me to tell you that not only as the British economy been on a downward trend now for many years as indeed has most of the English speaking world. However, I will tell you that this does not need to be a personal thing with yourself or anybody else come to that. Doom, gloom and despondency is comparable to a disease for which there is a cure, you don’t have to except the mental negative cancer so very prevalent today. To this end I offer you the remedy so very many seek to enable them to turn the corner to life all would choose if they had the chance or the common sense to do so.


The e-book that one day you could well regret you didn’t avail yourself of when “time” leaves you by.

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