“Wake Up To Wealth”

Chris Elmes comments on his Personal Tuition session.


One on One


There is of course many things in life, in particular your life; that will never have a satisfactory substitute.

An example of this would be the alchemist of old, who literally spent centuries trying to produce 'gold'. The end results after countless experiments, was of course simply proveing that it could not be done.

In relation to the creation of personal wealth - your wealth; whilst books and electronic books, tapes and videos all have their part to play. Indeed they are each an important step upon the ladder towards your success. They are not nor can they ever be the true gold that a One on One meeting with the founder and author of this site can be - to you.

One on One is three golden hours at 'The Home Of Personal Wealth Creation' where you can interview your possible path from where you are now to where you would want to be. All the questions or points you need more clarity upon, none of which can be dealt with more clearly or in depth than in person or - most importantly of all - on a personal basis to your exact needs.


The only real question in this for you at this time - is just how strong or deep rooted are your ambitions for your own future wealth.

Whilst three hours may not sound like very much time, and indeed you could well have to spend the other remaining hours of your twenty four hour day travelling to and from the appointment. Then you may have to ask yourself just what price you are preprared to pay for 'Gold'.

Madalyn Warren SRN, QRN, BSC; openly stated to a group of medical practitioners that she had learnt more practical details from me in this period of time, than in all of that in her training and career.

Should it be however, that you are a person of a strong negative nature who would not at any price have joined in or taken part of the famous Gold Rushes of the late 19th and early 20th centuries then please pass over the following illuminated panel.

For more than twenty years now I have received numerous Xmas cards from my past students - Mr S Price, goes a stage further and always includes a personal letter with his card as a progress report on his career.

Here is part of his latest one:-

... it's great to see you're doing the teaching again. I know you'll see many more success. After all when I just met you back when I was a 22 year old "skint labourer", I never realised two decades later I'd be a multi-millionaire living in paradise.

Cheers again Reg all the very best
to you and your enterprises.

Stephen Price, Pullenvale

This 'Gold' offer can be termed as a consultant session or in short a unique opportunity to spend three hours of your choosing with a self-made millionaire examining if you could follow his lead - adapt your personal plans, further your existing thoughts or even reconstruct existing ideas. Also of course to give us clearer insight to what you need or require. Any title from our library, or published article can be reviewed together with whatever personal adjustments or in-fact other requirements on wealth creation you may choose, this class is your time for your future.

The cost per visit is only £280 which will be backed up by a 20% discount on any forum products you may purchase upon your visit or within 7 days of the same. You will also receive a priority voucher for the next forthcoming DVD recorded full day seminar. Payment can be made by cheque or Credit Card (through PayPal). A deposit of £80 can be made in this manner and the balance by cash upon the day being acceptable.

HI Reg & Stephen

Just a courtesy note to thank you for a real thought provoking 3 hours. I think you have a lot, lot more to give in the education of self betterment, and I think the 3 hrs was a snip of what's in your mind - “My game is now raised 100 fold”.

On returning home I discussed the prospect of you and the forum at length with my wife and I have to say she is 'cool' about it, to the extent she requested to be brought with me to the next one on one consultation I plan to attend.

As a result of meeting you I have now raised my 'game' to the extent that I am now looking for a barn conversion in the 500k bracket and I will be moving into it in the next 18 months.

Will see you soon

Kind regards



James McCullen


The word, even 'magic' of personal wealth creation, is not merely me, just telling you all about it, how to do it and more. The most obvious link here of prime importance, why so many fail to realise what it is they are looking at is that it is an individual learnt skill, try to think if you will of a similar source of information.

Consider, that by personal interview, you tell me things about yourself that I can take into consideration. This, of course allows me, to tailor the advice and more than that, makes possible the correct application of consultancy, required to move you to the next stage in your personal programme.

This is a very specialised subject. Compare, if you went to a hospital or a medical practitioner, would you expect treatment for your personal case, of course you would. What good would someone else's x-rays be to you, or their entire medical chart, come to that. The subject of human motivation is exactly that important. The comparison is simply health and wealth. In this modern world you are going nowhere without at least some of each of these related subjects, as part of your own common knowledge.

Mr Salesmanship

Appointments are available all week day afternoons from 1pm until 4pm and occasionally Sundays maybe available at certain times of the year.

Enquiries or booking for this service are only taken by telephone on 01484 658124 (International +44 1484 658124). This is a totally unlisted number answered by the founder when available or by digital means by the service provider on a 24 hour basis. All recorded messages will normally be answered in less than 48 hours.

Only when you know "How" does anything become easy.

There are basically only two types of people in this world, those busy going nowhere and those busy going somewhere. What is really sad about this is that mostly those going nowhere work harder at it than the others - It comes down to the reality that thousands of people are working too hard to make a living and stay just a few steps behind their debts, held in this unenviable position by their misconception of what earning money is really all about!

Example: - Answer me this, how much debt are you in -?

Go on add it up and include

  • Mortgages
  • Overdrafts
  • Loans
  • Higher purchase
  • Credit cards
  • Alimony
  • All bills (household or otherwise) which cannot be paid instantly on sight.

Go on add it all up, and if your answer is zero then fair enough maybe you don't need Knoll House Interforum or its over 30 years proven path to personal wealth.

But remember and take into account Knoll House Interforum doesn't owe anybody a penny, in fact, we lend money to banks! Several banks, worldwide.

Our objective is to show you how to become as us or the same - unless you prefer the pressure under which you make your living and support your needs.

At the end of the day earning money or earning a living is two completely different things you can learn the difference and apply the same to your future as an ongoing member or associate of…

Knoll House Interforum

£80 01484-658124

Only when you know "How"
does anything become easy.